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SAR Dogs
We maintain this section of our site in tribute to our dogs, Snickers, Brady, and Amanda. We are no longer selling pre-trained SAR labs. Another option is to purchase one of our Family Companion Labrador pups, and take it through SAR training on your own. We have 30 pups a year going through our Companion Lab program, and with their strong foundation in obedience, they are fully prepared to go onto more specialized training once they leave here. This will also allow you to choose the specific areas of SAR that you want to take your dog into. Please visit the Companion Labradors page for more information on this program.


READY - keys dog up, dog acknowledges with a bark that he is indeed ready to go

WHAT IS IT? – for a scent specific search, dog will catalog scent on article

FIND HUMAN – search for live human (scent discriminating or non-discriminating search)

GOOD FIND – Acknowledge that the dog found the search subject

GOOD ID – acknowledge that the dog found correct search subject, matching catalogued scent (scent discrimination)

GOOD CHECK – acknowledge that the dog found POD (possibility of detection)

GOOD SNIFF – good sniff

WORK IT OUT – time to problem-solve

THAT A BOY/GIRL!, WAY TO GO! – positive verbal reinforcement

SHOW ME - refind (area search)

STAY – dog holds position and doesn’t move

STAY CLOSE – dog should keep close to handler

BACK TO WORK, WORK IT SOME MORE -dog should get back on the search mission after a break or to continue searching

EASY – dog should slow down, less drive, more concentration on task

STAND – dog stands to put on SAR gear

LEAVE IT – don’t bother with that, refers to anything that the dog should not be paying attention to on a search (ie. animal droppings, wild game, physical evidence, etc.)

HERE – directs dog where to go

CHECK IT OUT – directs dog to search a particular area

CHECK HERE – directs dog to search a specific spot

GO – to send dog or build up speed or drive

TURN AROUND – directs dog to turn around

COME – recalls dog back to handler

OK – dog is off command, exercise is finished

GOOD DOG – positive reinforcement for a job well done – pets, love, hugs and kisses, playtime!

This is a tribute to our K-9 Search & Rescue Team, now retired.

Please look through some examples of our SAR K-9 cadet training regiment photo gallery, featuring Snickers, Brady, and Amanda, our search team, now retired.

SAR K9 Trail Scenting #1  #2  #3
SAR K9 Area Search #1  #2  #3
Area Search Report/Refind sequence

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