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Obedience Classes
We offer private obedience lessons. These lessons will be held outdoors, so please wear proper attire – no sandals, backless shoes, etc., gym shoes or hiking/workboots only. Consult with your vet if you are unsure whether your dog is ready to participate in a training class. Make sure to use appropriate flea/tick and heartworm preventative on your dog (available through your vet). You are responsible for having your dog current on vaccinations. Please see “Training Equipment” section for additional information. A list of supplies you will need will be provided on your first lesson. Please be aware that if your dog is showing aggression towards other dogs or towards people, we will not work with it.

Private lessons are available by appointment year round for $40 per lesson.

Please call for directions (920-293-4460). Do not use Mapquest: our address doesn't show up correctly.



HEEL - walking nicely with loose lead on left side of handler
AUTO-SIT – while on Heel command, dog will automatically sit on the left side when handler comes to a stop
AUTO-STAY – after auto-sit, dog will automatically stay until commanded to move, or released off of command
WALK AWAY - handler leaves dog while on command
LOOK AT ME - dog looks at handler
COME – recall to handler
CENTER – auto-sit directly in front of handler
FINISH (HEEL) – dog moves from center position to the right behind the handler and auto-sits on handler’s left side
FREE SIT – dog sits on command, usually from free mode
STAY CLOSE – dog keeps close to handler, but is not on Heel command
DOWN – lie down
RECALL TO SIT – dog commanded to sit from a down position
STAY - hold position and don't move
OKAY – dog is off command, free
QUIET – stop barking, whining etc
NO – correction word generally followed by verb or descriptive of what the dog should not be doing, or the command that the dog broke (ie. no – sit)
NO BITE – do not mouth or peck at hands or feet of handler
OFF – do not jump (on people, furniture, etc)
LEAVE IT – don’t mess with that
DROP IT – dog should spit out whatever should not be in mouth
ENOUGH – time to stop
EASY – slow down, relax, or concentrate
GOOD! – praise and reward
GET YOUR BIRD! – go get toy
BRING ME YOUR BIRD! – retrieve toy
RELEASE – let go of toy or object that is allowed in dog’s mouth
STUTTER STEP – stop in place
HERE – direct dog to a spot
HURRY UP – go potty
IN – go in (house, car, crate, etc)
GO GO GO! – speed up, encourages drive

  • Harness (have dog acclimated prior to camp)
  • Training collar (if needed)
  • Buckle collar with ID
  • *all dogs must have ID tags at all times*
  • '8" pull tab/traffic lead (optional, will be needed when you reach advanced level in agility)
  • 6 foot leash
  • 8 foot light line (¼” braided nylon clothes line with metal clasp)
  • Personal water supply
  • Dog food and bowl (if needed)
  • Fecal bags
  • Doggie treats
  • Toys (rubber Kongs, tennis balls, Galileo bones, squeaky toys etc)
  • Herm Sprenger prong training collar (jb)
  • 6ft leather lead (jb)
  • nylon choker (jb)
  • light lines (1/4 inch braided nylon clothesline and metal latches (hardware store)
  • 8” pull tab (jj)
  • search vest (ccd)
  • Swiss bell collar (ad)
  • glow sticks (gp)
  • blinker collar lights (cb)
  • reflective collars (jb)
  • tracking harness (jj)
  • 15ft tracking lead (jj)
  • booties (db)
  • dog whistle (psi)
  • Bitter Apple spray (jb)
  • Binaca breath spray (drug store)
  • Push and Play plastic balls (jb)
  • Galileo bones (jb)
  • rubber Kong toys (jb)
  • Kong balls (jb)
  • Kong on rope (Cool Kong) (jj)
  • Kong Wubba (jb)
  • Chuck-it tennis ball launcher (ca)
  • orange retriever dummies (bp, gm)
  • agility equipment (jj)
  • vari-kennels (plastic dog crates) (cb)
  • MannaPro Equine Fly and Mosquito Spray (mp, Fleet Farm,WalMart)
  • Beggin’ Strips and Pupperoni dog treats (pet stores, WalMart)
  • Petrodex toothpaste and brush (jb)
  • Eukanuba food (pet store)
*do not use obedience equipment until you start training*
Supplies can be found at:
jj = J & J Dog Supplies
800-642-2050, www.jjdog.com

ccd = CC Digital Dog
860-886-1874, www.ccdogduds.com

ad = www.activedogs.com

gp = www.theglowpro.com

cb = Cherrybrook Pet Supplies
800-524-0820, www.cherrybrook.com

db = www.dogbooties.com

psi = Greg Robert Quality Pet Supplies
866-331-1920, www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com

mp = MannaPro
800-690-9908, www.mannapro.com

ca = Care A Lot Pet Supplies
800-343-7680, www.carealotpets.com

bp = Bass Pro Shops

gm = Gander Mountain

When signing up for obedience or agility lessons, please keep in mind that all these activities are held outdoors. Our land is primarily forested, so please dress appropriately with regard to weather and insects.
  • Suitable footwear is especially important. We recommend gym shoes or hiking/work boots
  • Consult your veterinarian prior to starting agility or flyball to ensure your dog is physically able to participate.
  • Make sure your dog is protected against heartworm, fleas, and ticks (Heartguard, Frontline, and other preventative medications for these parasites are available through your vet)
  • All dog owners are responsible for having their dogs current on vaccinations (Rabies and Distemper required, Bordetella and Lyme recommended). Bring proof of vaccinations with you to all activities.
  • We recommend bringing Benedryl with you in case you or your dog have allergies
  • We do not work with aggressive dogs, including both aggression towards other dogs and towards people.
  • Please do not let your dog eat any wild mushrooms – some can be toxic
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children and dogs must not be left unattended
Flyball and agility build strength and confidence in your dog, and along with obedience training, they are a fun bonding experience between dog and owner. We look forward to seeing you for a great time!

Thank you for you interest in our obedience program. If you have any questions, please call us at 920-293-4460

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